How to Differentiate Yourself: GlassHive's Billion-Dollar Blueprint for MSPs

Presented by: Giovanni Sanguily, GlassHive

Welcome to the world where being just another MSP is so yesterday! Join us in this upbeat breakout session where GlassHive brings a splash of fun to the serious business of differentiating your MSP in today’s tech-savvy era. We’re not just talking theories; we’re bringing to the table real-world examples and valuable use cases that have collectively generated over a whopping billion dollars in revenue. Imagine this: your MSP not just surviving but thriving and standing tall among the competition. How? Through clever strategies, savvy marketing, and some cool tech tricks that we’ve mastered over the years. This session is your golden ticket to learning from those who’ve been there, done that, and made quite a few bucks doing it. We promise, no boring lectures here – just straight-up, practical wisdom wrapped in a package of fun and interactive learning. So, gear up to add some serious firepower to your MSP game – it’s time to play in the big leagues! 🚀🌟


February 15

1:00 PM - 1:30 PM